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Implantology – dental implants

Dental implantology represents the most physiological method of replacing missing teeth. All dental implants used for tooth replacement at Candeo are made of high-quality materials. Our patients are offered implants by the world’s most highly esteemed manufacturers: MIS, Branemark and Straumann.

CANDEO dental implants are suited to all types of clinical situations, which is why we are able to meet even the most challenging expectations of our patients. Dental implants are our specialty.

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Prosthetic dentistry

The purpose of prosthetic dental treatment is to restore dental function and appearance. While it is true that dental patients are not usually enthusiastic about dentures, and tend to be concerned about their use, advances in the field of prosthetic dentistry have made dentures virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth.

Our clinic offers a wide variety of prosthetic devices including porcelain crowns and bridges, adhesive bridges, skeletal prostheses, clasp-free dentures, acrylic dentures, and immediate dentures. Prosthetic dentistry offers a wide range of solutions and, at the same time, ranks among the most cost-efficient tooth replacement options.

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Modern orthodontics

Orthodontics is a field of dentistry which focuses on the diagnosis, prevention and correction of improperly positioned jaw and teeth. Since orthodontics also includes the removal of maxillofacial defects, it is increasingly referred to as maxillary orthopaedics.

Candeo’s orthodontists employ the most advanced and the least invasive methods of malocclusion treatment. One of them is Inman Aligner, a removable orthodontic appliance used for 4 to 16 weeks. Inman Aligner is an excellent alternative to traditional fixed orthodontic retainers and a perfect solution for more impatient customers.

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Candeo is a dental clinic with a long tradition spanning generations. We have been offering dental services since 1950. We are a family practice which is run, with great dedication, by Prof. Wiesław Hędzelek, PhD, MD.

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