Medical Facilities

Mandala Beauty Clinic dr Samir Ibrahim

An aesthetic medicine, surgery and phlebology clinic. It offers a wide range of therapies and operations, including corrections of the nose, ears, breasts, and abdominoplasty. Mandala Clinic focuses on a high standard of operations and an individual approach to each patient.


One of the biggest private hospitals in the Wielkopolska region. Medpolonia provides services in orthopaedic surgery, aesthetic surgery, gynecology or laryngology. Each year ca. 2200 operations are performed here. Patients may undergo operations which are privately paid or  those refunded by the National Health Fund (NFZ).


A centre of aesthetic dermatology. It offers such treatments as laser depilation, endermology, mesotherapy, and wrinkle correction. Lenis Centre takes every effort to ensure their patients feel comfortable and safe. Each patient is approached individually here.


The Epilo Laser Depilation Institute offers professional removal of excessive hair. The facility provides services both for women and men. Each Epilo client is attended by a medical doctor who qualifies patients for treatments basing on the results of skin tests.


A clinic which specialises in orthopaedics, diagnostic imaging and rehabilitation. Rehasport helps patients who sustained an injury, through the rehabilitation period, until complete functional recovery. The main target of the clinic is to be effective in helping post-traumatic patients.