Implant supported crowns

The most popular way of treatment

Single crown restorations are most often used, since single missing teeth are most common. In traditional prosthodontics, to replace such missing teeth, dentists constructed fixed prosthetic bridges, by cutting down or preparing neighboring teeth.

Implant support crowns on the other hand, spare neighboring teeth. They can be placed 3 to 6 months after implantation. The following depicts the procedure:

  • Frist visit – the dentist uncovers the implant by incising the gingiva, in order to place a healing cap for soft tissue/gingiva shaping.
  • Second visit – once the gingiva is shaped after approximately 14 days of wearing healing caps, the dentist takes an impression with transfers and an opposing arch impression. At this point, the laboratory technician prepares the implant-supported crown.
  • Third visit – the dentist cements the restoration.

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