What our patients ask about?


  • Is implantation painful? – The procedure is performed with local anesthetics and is pain-free. Painkillers, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory are prescribed which maximally protect from pain.
  • What is involved in implant placement? – An incision is made in the gum the implant will be placed. A small hole is drilled in the bone, the implant is placed into the hole in the bone and the incision is stitched closed. At the end of the healing period prosthetic restorations are constructed such as crowns, bridges or dentures (overdentures)
  • Are there limitations to performing implantation? – The dentist individually determines indications and contraindications during the first consultation visit. Yes, there are certain contraindications, however new technologies keep eliminating many of them as time goes by. For example, age is no longer a contraindication.
  • What is the success rate? – Success rate is approximately 97%. If the first procedure isn’t definitive, however, replantation is possible.
  • What is the guarantee for dental implants? – By following dentist instructions such as daily hygiene, and control visits there is no limit to the implant lifetime. The first implantation performed by professor Branemark is still in place 51 years later. Everything depends on individual clinical situation (quality and quantity of bone and type of prosthodontics restoration), and patient’s health. There is a guarantee for the actual procedure.
  • How should one care for implant supported dentures? – Hygiene does not differ from caring for own teeth; including annual control visits and professional implant cleaning.

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